Women's Fitness Capris and Leggings

KAST is a fitness line which embodies a fun, joyful, vibrant way of life.

We are a family run business headquartered on Maui, Hawaii and handmade in Brazil.

We offer fitness pants in soft, comfortable, high quality material(s) in colorful designs with the perfect stretch.

KAST pants embrace comfort, style, and inspire/motivate you to feel your best in any sport of activity. The fun colors and prints will get you through your hardest workout and then keep you stylish throughout the day.

Fabrics are selected with quality and comfort as the top priority. KAST material has proven: strength, colorfastness, soft touch, cooling effect, moisture absorption, quick dry, and durability. KAST uses flat seams for comfort. Waist band is a mid-rise, flat band that is flattering and comfortable.

Wearing capris and leggings provides freedom of movement. KAST pants stay fit so you can move. Great for any activity. Perfect for all day long!