Fitness Capris and Leggings

Soft.  Comfortable.  High Quality Material.  Colorful Designs.  Perfect Stretch.

Aztec Nation Capris Cardio Blast Leggings Starry Night Leggings
Capri - City Scape
Price: USD $70.00
Legging - Cardio Blast
Price: USD $76.00
Legging - Starry Night
Price: USD $76.00
Power Supplex Extra-Light Supplex Power Supplex
Illusion Cubes Capris Palms of Paradise Capris Kaleidoscope (Blue) Capris
Capri - Illusion Cubes
Price: USD $70.00
Caprs - Palms of Paradise
Price: USD $70.00
Light Supplex Extra-Light Supplex Light Supplex
Navy Blue Maxxi Leggings Black Maxxi Capris Cardio Blast Capris
Legging - Navy Blue
Price: USD $76.00
Capri - Black
Price: USD $70.00
Capri - Cardio Blast
Price: USD $70.00
Maxxi Supplex Maxxi Supplex Extra-Light Supplex



We offer fitness pants in soft, comfortable, high quality material(s) in colorful designs with the perfect stretch.  Wearing capris and leggings provides comfort and freedom of movement.  KAST pants stay fit so you can move.  Great for any activity. Perfect for all day long!