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KAST Fitness Capris and Leggings

Soft. Comfortable. High Quality Material. Colorful Designs. Perfect Stretch.


Garden of Eden Capris Cardio Blast Capris Starry Night Leggings
Light Supplex Extra-Light Supplex Power Supplex
Green with Envy Capris Aztec Nation Capris Matrix Capris
Light Supplex Power Supplex

Light Supplex

Welcome to KAST Fitness Wear! 

KAST Capris and Leggings provide comfort and freedom of movement. KAST pants stay fit so you can move!  KAST is a fitness line made in Southern Brazil which can inspire and motivate you to feel your best in any sport or activity.  KAST embodies Brazil's fun, joyful, vibrant way of life and shares the Brazilian spirit with high quality materials and bright colorful designs. KAST pants embrace comfort and style. The fun colors and prints will get you through your hardest work out and then keep you stylish throughout the day. Great for any activity. Perfect for all day long!